Projects we Support

WIZO Los Angeles Supports Three Special Projects in Israel


WIZO Los Angeles supports and helps fund three impressive projects in Israel co-funded with government departments. We are proud of our longstanding support of the Ramat Hashikma and Yavne Daycare Centers and Nir Haemek School.

WIZO is dedicated to the well being of children. These centers offer many enrichment activities which are especially critical in economically distressed areas. They give children an additional head-start in life and are crucial to the welfare of that community.

Yavne Day Care Center

The Yavne childcare center is located in the town of Yavne, located south of Tel Aviv. It provides an essential service for working parents, who can leave their children in WIZO’s care, with the knowledge that they are receiving the best possible physical, emotional, social and educational support.

Ramat Shikma Day Care Center

This center is located in the largely underprivileged neighborhood of Ramat Hashikma in Ramat Gan on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

This facility also provides a nurturing and secure environment for children who may come from disadvantaged, poverty-stricken and dysfunctional family situations.

The Nir Haemek Youth Village

WIZO believes education is the key ingredient to integrating into Israeli society. At the Nir Haemek High School and Youth Village in Afula, boarding students originally from the CIS, Ethiopia, Latin America and Europe live and study alongside local youth. Nir Haemek is one of WIZO’s most successful facilities. The educational complex includes a high school, dormitories and even a working farm. 

Boarding students are mostly young people who have immigrated to Israel without their parents. The school provides them with a supportive environment and helps smooth their integration into Israeli life.

Classes are small, teachers are caring, and individual attention is the norm. The majority of the 7th-12th graders who attend come from needy homes. Many live below the poverty line. Nir Haemek is located in an area that has been hard hit by high rates of unemployment and tense security situations. The father of an 11th grader was killed in a  terrorist attack; the brother of another student was killed in a suicide bombing.

Since its establishment, most graduates of Nir Haemek, have gone on to serve in the IDF (Israel Defence Force) and several have given their lives to safeguard the State of Israel.

Nir Haemek has also developed a therapeutic center with horses to serve the mentally or physically disabled, a unique project that serves the surrounding communities of the north.

For more information, kindly call the WIZO LA office at 310.278.2312